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“Transformation doesn’t happen overnight this is a life long journey.”Angela M. Prince

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Angela has spent 30 years in education creating change in our educational system; it is her life’s purpose and while she is no longer in the school setting, she is still fulfilling her mission by helping others make Educational Decisions to lead, inspire, fuel and empower their lives, throughout the country.

She has worked in almost every capacity in her K-12 education professional career having taught grade K-Adult, ages five through sixty.  She is a servant leader and has served a Director of Operations, Director of Academics, Curriculum Supervisor, Curriculum Specialist, Program Coordinator, Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Specialist, Special Education Specialist, Professional Development Coordinator, Adult Educator and Teacher.  


Angela holds B.S. in Special Education – Specific Learning Disability and a Masters in Reading, (Ed.S.) in Educational Administration and a MBA in International Business. 

 She currently works  with schools and districts across the United States to provide schools and districts reviews to measure school effectiveness, she works with the State of LA in review of their University Teacher Preparation Programs, helps spearhead the State of MA teacher Initial Licensures Program and the New York State Department of Education with their school support models for school improvement for their most critical schools.

We Take a Different Approach to Growth


Primarily concentrated in the educational services industry we focus on projects that have both domestic and global impact.


We believe that teamwork is essential to growth,  maintenance, and recognizing trends and best practices within schools and districts.

Community Engagement

When we build relationships within the communities where we teach it positions our heart to see and feel the impact of the work we do for the families that we serve.

Professional Development

We work from a model of respect for professional learning environments that give LIFE and support the work of educators worldwide.


As an educational support agency, we provide non-instructional services that support educational processes and systems primarily focusing on public, private, and charter schools, education districts, colleges and universities, and government regulated systems in the United States and abroad.

Career Classes

We are educators supporting educators with highly interactive and engaging content where you not only receive a certificate of completion that can be used for CEUs but you will also leave with techniques and tools that you can use in the classroom and school immediately.


Our work is centered around children and the communities we serve.  Our curation of products to inspire educators is just another part of our efforts to be a transformative force for good, which is why we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to the Encourage Me I’m Young® [EMIY] organization.


education adventures

“Angela managed with skill and sensitivity a houston area program, using a nationally-based model that made great strides in helping school principals and central office administrators prepare more students for college and career.”

“Ms. Prince is a very strong instructional leader.  She is extremely effective at using data in order to assist teachers with improving student engagement.”


Founder, Emma Jewel Charter School, Inc.

“Angela Prince is the type of leader who inspires everyone around her to work together and do what it takes to provide exceptional education for students.”


Education Consultant

“Angela is a very intelligent and outcomes-driven professional. She is passionate about learning for children and her professionalism matches her passion.”


Owner, New Frontier 21 Consulting

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