The REAL Joy

Written by edlifeconsulting

July 5, 2020

Where It All Began

 Today as I entered the school I was working in today,  I saw a group of students gathered around a table.  I said to myself, “They must be giving free gifts of something.” Imagine my Joy when I got closer and saw they were giving away FREE BOOKS! I was overjoyed to see elementary students this excited about books! The JOY of Reading is priceless!

Also in the lovely school was a room known as the Teacher Center. It was a very cozy and welcoming space for teachers to come and plan,  have meetings, and converse as colleagues. I think all schools need areas like this for teachers. This is my home for the day and teachers were in and out the entire day seeking guidance, feedback, and working as teams. Being able to witness this kind of solidarity and support between professionals, if even but for one day truly breathed LIFE into my soul. 


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