Urban Schools

Written by edlifeconsulting

July 5, 2020

My school adventures last week were in a school in New York with all the characteristics that are commonly associated with urban schools; low incomes families, single parents, drugs, unemployment, children being raised by grandparents, kids walking to school in all weather etc. AND this school was on the list as being a “priority” school for the district. To my surprise, I arrived at the school to find the population of the school 100% Caucasian, white, non-hispanic. I must admit that this was the first time in my career that I had seen this. I almost didn’t post this, but then I decided that as an educator we learn to grow each day right? I must admit that my bias kicked into play and I wondered “Do they refer to the school as urban?” So I asked, “Is this school considered an urban school?” and the principal said yes, we are an urban/inner city school. As part of my growth, I am owning my bias and learning that there are “urban” schools, albeit not many, all over the country that are not composed of African American and Hispanic students. Did you know, or have I lived a sheltered life?

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